Sunday, January 8, 2012


Let us give our hearts to merriment while yet pleasant acts bring some joy. For splendid youth passeth quickly as a thought, nor swifter is the speed of the horses which carry a king so furiously to the labour of the lance, delighting in the level wheatland.
- Theognis of Megara (983-988)


  1. Reflecting your weariness after yesterday's day of battle?

    I also noticed this in your sidebar:

    I will see you hang'd like clatpoles ere I come any more to
    your tents. I will keep where there is wit stirring, and leave the
    faction of fools.

    Life is too short to engage in some battles, IMO. Just sayin'.

    Anyway, Happy New Year. Albeit belatedly.

  2. Forgot to say....Nice video with nice music.

  3. Life would be a lot shorter were one NOT to deal with its' unpleasantries and the perpetually unpleasant. And I, for one, do not run from nor avoid the task.

    I regret the collatoral damage that I may be inflicting upon my friends (and perhaps now, former friends), but I refuse to succumb to the nattering nabobs of negativism, and those who would demonize any segment of the American population rather than honestly debate them.

  4. "Former friends" -- Is there a sadder phrase?

  5. There's always "hope" in the "perhaps". ;)

  6. Yes, in the "perhaps."

    Ah, well. It's a rough several months upon us as the political situation heats up.