Saturday, July 20, 2013

Still Living on the Corner of Law and Desire

Law lets the subject think it could get what it wants were it not for law’s prohibition.
- Jodi Dean, "Zizek on Law"


  1. How are you, fj? Keeping cool, i hope.

  2. Trying to. Its probably cool by Texas standards, though,;)

    I'v been fair-middlin'... busy though. I really wish I had some time to finish reading my book by Deleuze. It's a bit of a slog.

  3. You are on vacation? I saw some of your camp-fire pictures. I'll bet that you've all got wet neckerchiefs or the equivalent to try and keep cool with. At least the humidity there isn't quite as unbearable.

    Keep cool!

  4. We went to northern New Mexico to escape the heat, and it was glorious! Rained every day with highs in the 50's.

    We joked that the timing was perfect, to escape the riots after the TM trial, and whaddayaknow. :(

    Why don't you take off for a good long week to go somewhere cool and finish your Deleuze? ;)

  5. Wow! That really is cool!

    I suppose I could, but I suspect that a few of my coworkers would vote to hang me. They're already sick of me quoting Zizek/Lacan... to go full Post- Modern on them would likely push them all over the edge. ;)

    People who work in the Sciences have no sense of humour.

  6. People who work in the Sciences have no sense of humour.


    True. I suppose it's a side effect of raising reason above imagination...or something like that.

  7. ...or of having too much faith in their own. ;)