Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I am MORE than a Camera

...and therefore more than a mere Spectator
When Interpassivity is NOT enough!


  1. Indeed! It's never enough to be interpassive. But sometimes, there's not much to offer.

    Give us some insight into your post.

  2. As the song goes... you've got to FIGHT for your right to Parrrrrrty!

    Or in my case, to create a little "critical distance" from the world that will keep it from intruding. ;)

  3. Seems to me that interpassivity would be the way to create distance. You're not really engaged, after all.

    I like the word...interpassivity. yesterday, one of my friends updated her Facebook status about six times, stating how peaceful and wonderful her Christmas day was. But...she was spending the day on Facebook?! I laughed at her, but there I was, reading her STUPID FACEBOOK UPDATES.

    We are so removed from the moment....

  4. I think that there is now even a way to "block" their posts w/o their knowledge that your blocking them - short of "Unfriending" them... in case you don't want to actually read them... ;)

  5. After all, a letter ALWAYS arrives at it's destination, for its' destination is wherever it ends up. ;)

  6. Yes, I have blocked the majority. I think she's next...