Monday, August 4, 2014

Orbitting Debris

Satellite the labour of love
Beneath the coverings of the sky above
Shall I watch and wait in wonder
Beside the sounds of echoed thunder

Watching twilight in the night
Lonely beacon of the light
Whisper softly passing by
Beneath the sky of tearful cries

And like the sands of fallen crumbs
One by one I count the sums
I have yearned beside the thunder
Heavy hands have held me under

Booked before our preservation
Shall it be the last generation
No sooner is it said and done
And like the fables overcome

Sum, not in that which is and was
Nor burden thee with noble cause
On hollowed ground, among solid turf
I have found my place, and here I serve
- Darryn John Murphy, "Satellite"

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