Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The Aura of the campfire
Is magical indeed
As friends encircled in the glow
Recount their daily deeds

A day’s hunt now behind us
We gather in this place
To extend the day’s adventures
As we rally around the flames

Laughter rings out through the night
As stories there are told
The magic of the campfire
Is loved by young and old

The embers glow and warm us
As the stories often do
Friendships that are nurtured there
Will last a lifetime through

This is the “stuff” of memories
Made when friends unite
And share these golden moments
That are treasured throughout life

Memories shared around the fire
Fresh life is breathed into
As we pass them on to others
They return to us anew

Fellowship, friends and laughter
Are things that we all need
Yes, the Aura of the campfire
Is magical indeed
-C R Clark, "The Campfire"

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