Sunday, April 17, 2016

What Follows When the Dream Ends?

I keep listening to all those songs we found together
the soundtrack of our lives falling into place and slowly falling apart
I've been thinking a lot about us and all those years
everywhere in this town is a past life walking down the tired streets

all I am is a projector
spewing light around

a playback memory
a recorded third eye

the other night I had a dream about us waking up
coiled on a couch together as the sun cracked the venetian blinds
the air was quiet and the party was officially over
you dragged your nails across the sacred space below the nape

our fingers brushed and jumped and locked together
I didn't know why or how you grew so close to me after so long
we kissed like innocents and I said 'I've been thinking-'
you said '-of that which is not meant to be' then kissed me slow


our dry sun rise lips split apart
like stubborn pieces of clementine

I said: I know, but -

before I could speak the words
- I'm still in love with you
the alarm bells ring

it was the kind of vision that sticks with you
wondering what it could mean or if it's just part of the music
I don't know if I'll tell you before this dream ends
or if I'll wake up in another life still remembering a sun rise

do I appear to you too
in crazy love dreams
as beautiful?

I don't care to know
what is meant to be
in truth
- Graeme J. O'Farrell, "Before the Dream Ends"

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