Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ideological Fueled Fantasies

The only 'good' bad guy, is the bad guy who can keep the flaws in your ideology from materializing and exposing its' falsity...


  1. How is he good? Don't we want the flaws exposed?
    As painful as that may be, it's better than being a slave to fantasy.

    Ps. I like the way Zizek says "feel-um" for film.

  2. Kinda like the feelies in "Brave New World"...

    And it is "good" in the sense that Hollywood has a very hard time finding "bad" guys anymore. Indians can't be bad, that would be racist. Natives can't be bad, that would be racist. Nazi's can be bad, because they were racist. Women can't be bad, that would be sexist. icebergs are REALLY good bad guys, cuz no one sympathisizes with icebergs.

  3. The Hollywood narrative... only racists are truly bad. And Republicans are closet racists.

  4. people don't want their fantasies exposed. They are the only thing preventing them from letting go in the icecold water... and slipping under. Cuz all the ice in the world cannot kill a "true" idea