Saturday, March 1, 2014

Il rit beaucoup

A moment, a dream, a laugh...


  1. I like the song a lot, probably because I adore such a sweet disposition.

    And nicrap, I really like what you wrote. It's fresh, like the baking bread and the smell of falling rain. :-) I feel like I'm there...

  2. Of course, as you may know, the expression occurs in Dostoevsky's Demons, and there it has a rather sinister quality: It is spoken by Stepan trofimovich of his son, Pyotr Stepanovich: Il rit. Il rit beaucoup. Il rit trop. He has a strange smile. His mother had not a smile like that. Il rit toujour.

    thanks for the h/t, fj. :)

  3. Thanks Jen!

    I feel like I'm there...

    Now do behave yourself! :p