Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Which World Would You Prefer, Ethical or Romantic?

In stale blank verse a subject stale
I send per post my Nightingale;
And like an honest bard, dear Wordsworth,
You'll tell me what you think, my Bird's worth.
My own opinion's briefly this--
His bill he opens not amiss;
And when he has sung a stave or so,
His breast, & some small space below,
So throbs & swells, that you might swear
No vulgar music's working there.
So far, so good; but then, 'od rot him!
There's something falls off at his bottom.
Yet, sure, no wonder it should breed,
That my Bird's Tail's a tail indeed
And makes it's own inglorious harmony
├ćolio crepit├╗, non carmine.
- Samuel Coleridge


  1. He's right...the truth would make it easier to move on. But it's definitely easier on the caller to be "romantic".

  2. Should we talk about puppy poop now? :)

  3. i choose to focus upon other puppy qualities. like their breath. ;)

  4. Who are you and what have you done with FJ? ;-)

    I love puppy breath, too.